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Rannoch and Tummel is a very special area of natural beauty. The lochs and much of the surrounding countryside have protective status such as Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Site of Special Scientific Interest Status (SSSI).

The Loch Rannoch Conservation Association (LRCA) is an important leadership body with others for the protection and enhancement of this unique bio-diverse and scenic area in Scotland. Our plan is both ambitious and necessary and we look forward to achieving our aims and objectives thereby bringing on real benefits for all people who live in and visit the area, and the wider environmental and conservation community as a whole.

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The Purposes

Of The Loch Rannoch Conservation Association.


The Purposes of the Association are to conserve and manage Loch Rannoch, associated and neighbouring waters, rivers and tributaries, and relative shorelines and riverbanks and adjacent land. Our aims are to:

preserve and improve the environment, ecology and natural peace and beauty of the Loch;

encourage and improve the recreation of angling, including the regulation of angling, boating and use of the Loch;

inform, educate and encourage responsible and sustainable use, enjoyment and leisure and recreation on and at the Loch, so as to minimize any adverse impacts of human activity there;

educate, research and inform so as to promote an understanding of the social, environmental and sustainable value of the ecosystem of the Loch; and

work in co-operation or partnership with other similar organisations nationally and internationally.

Fishing Permits Prices for Loch Rannoch

Adults, including Seniors, Students and Unemployed:

Day: £10.00 - Week: £30 - Season: £60

Junior (under 16) Free - permit issued marked “No Charge”
Block Permit (10 or more people) 10% reduction per permit

Boating Permits on Loch Rannoch

Own boat launch - Non-motorised boats from roadside - Free.
Please do not park in passing places. No unauthorised vehicles on private land.
Motorised boats (Max speed 12 knots Max engine 4 HP). Permits required.

Day: £10.00 - Week: £30 - Season: £60

Permits available from The Country Store, Kinloch Rannoch or Buy Permits Online